Monthly Archives: April 2010

Using Amazon S3 with Rails Screencast

I was and still am not a big fan of the whole cloud movement. I just don’t see what the big deal is. However, it’s been demanded by the clients. I was just about to engage in common S3 storage feature and Codeulate’s Amazon S3 screencast just in time for me.

If you saw my screen cast series on MongoDB, I try to explain the underlying features before all the magic. Ben does the same thing with this screencast. He even writes tests to show you the real world example, even dropping down to console. I really appreciated the fact that he even covered the basics in details.

The illustration is simply awesome and the production quality is better than previous Vim episode. Unlike his previous one, he actually covers details and explains/spoon-feeds the bucket and the object concepts as well as the REST. I truly get a sense of complete tutorial, and I’ll even say that it’s almost good as the PeepCode.

As for the price, I initially saw $99 price tag and thought that Ben might have made a mistake. Well, he corrected the price and it’s now $9.

If you’re looking to use Amazon’s S3 in your application, you HAVE to buy this one. I can’t recommend it high enough.